Why I Love My Husband!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Inspired by the Happy Wives Club I want to share with you why I have the best husband!
Marriage is not easy, no matter who you are! But I am blessed to be married to a pretty wonderful man. He is not always perfect, but he is always striving to be better. This exercise was SO good for me to really sit down and remember why I married this man!
He looks great in sweaters, especially white ones!

He adores his kids and they feel the same way about him!

His hair looks like this every morning without fail! 
He loves to "date" me today just like he did 13 years ago!

He is not ashamed to carry the diaper bag. Even the flowery ones! 

He looks good on a boat!

He takes pictures of himself on his iphone doing things like this!

He is so tender when our kids our sick.

He whole heartedly loves the Aggies. On the good years and the bad ones!

He comes home for lunch so that he can see us more during the week.

He tells us we are beautiful!

He takes me out for dinner on my birthday. Holds a fussy Tripp the whole time and does not even hesitate when the waiter asks if we want to order dessert. So loving!

I could keep going on this list...truly!

I love you Richard, thank you for being the loving, fun, silly, godly man in our home!
Why I Love My Husband


  1. Love your Why I Love My Husband list! Oh, how I wish I could get my hubby to take that many pictures. If I even attempted to do a list with the pictures I have of him, that list would be very short :). Thanks for linking up, Jennifer! I loved hopping over to your site and checking and seeing all the reasons your husband is the best!

  2. I want to see a picture of y'all when you first started dating! I am so extra in love with Brent these days with having another baby in the house because he just shows me every day what a great dad he is. Makes my heart melt.


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