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Monday, January 14, 2013

Open concept living is wonderful. It can be light and bright and allow for great entertaining. They can be VERY difficult to decorate though. 

How do you make each room feel unique, but still flow? 

I think the secret is in repetition of a few key pieces. Wall color is an easy choice, but if it is all neutral, it could fall flat. Coordinating window treatments is another great way. It can look really pretty to have that kind of repetition throughout a large space. Colors should repeat in the accent pieces too, but it is generally not a good idea to repeat actual furniture pieces or accessories. 

Here are some examples of designs I have done that needed to flow together:

Here is a formal seating area. It has feminine touches and a bright color palette, however, the drapery is neutral.

Here is the living area in the same home. The two rooms flow into each other. We repeated the color palette and the drapes. This room has a much more masculine feel though. 

 Here is another example in a more traditional home. This is the formal seating area. The palette is mainly neutral with gold, gray, and beige.
 Here is the adjoining living room in the same house. We repeated some of the gold and beige accents, but added in some more color with the blue pieces.
The goal is for each room to feel unique, but not completely different. Do you think we accomplished that?

Do you have a design dilemma like this in your house? I would be happy to help you think through it!


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