Remote control curtain hack

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A wall of windows sounds perfect, right? Well it almost is. That many windows brings an extra set of problems with light and privacy control. Operating anything (blinds, roller shades, or curtains) times 6 is a labor of love when you are just ready to climb into your jammies! 

To solve this problem at the lake house, we decided a curtain track was the best solution. The Ikea VIDGA system is such an easy and affordable way to mount floor to ceiling curtains. The track installs on the ceiling. We also did the curved attachment piece so that we could have one continuous track. You can see all of the details on the saved story in IG

The HILJA curtains were perfect for this project. They are light filtering and the perfect cream linen shade. At only $13 per pair, the price was perfect too. I used 3 pairs to cover all 6 windows. The curtains mount to the track with clips. IKEA curtains have the special tape on the back to attach the clips to. I clipped the panels together as a temporary solution. It works great, but I have plans to sew them all for a more permanent solution.

The real star of the show is the Switch Bot curtains robots. They mount inside the first curtain clip and walk the curtains across the room with a push of a button or with an app. You can program them where to start and stop, so that the two sides come together and open perfectly. Such cool tech,  I feel so spoiled! You can see them in action in my saved highlight on IG.


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