Guest Room with two Queen Beds

Friday, August 20, 2021

The guest room at the lake house is large enough for two queen beds. Two beds is not always a practical solution, but in a home intended for lots of guests, it is ideal! 

Let’s talk about this project and all of it’s details. Here is where we started. 
Yucky carpet and mustard walls.

First step was removing all of the old carpet and replacing it with LVP flooring. We went with LL floors Loire Valley Oak through out the whole house.

Next step was to update the windows. I used my tried and true technique of black spray paint and electrical tape to give them a totally fresh look. Side note on this…I don’t believe painted windows to be a long term solution. We are planning to do an addition on this lake house in a few years. When that happens, all of the windows will get replaced so they are the same throughout. I love the tape and paint as a short term solution though. It really adds a lot of character!

Now onto the walls. The top 1/3 got painted in SW Alabaster White. On the bottom 2/3’s, we did a board and batten treatment. We used particle board and 1x3 pine pre-primed boards. You don’t have to use the particle board, but your walls should be very flat with minimal to no texture before you add the battens. We chose to only place a batten on each particle board seam, so a 40” spacing. The wide distance helps the room not feel too cluttered. The board and batten is painted in BM Revere Pewter, 50% darker. It is such a lovely warm mushroom color. I used Ace Hardware enamel paint and Floetrol to create a perfectly smooth finish.

Last item on the construction phase was installing an antique door. We found 4 of these at the lake house and have used them as barn doors on the bunk room, on our primary bedroom, and the final one goes on the guest room. I love them so much! I painted the door and all of the trim in Revere Pewter as well and love the tone on tone effect.

Now let’s talk furniture in the space. The two storage pieces are vintage finds, so I can’t link those. The beds, bedding, and basically everything else can be found in some version on Amazon. 
See the Amazon shop link . The amazon shop shows most of the actual items used except for the fawn pillows which were from an Etsy shop and the wooden benches from Hobby Lobby.

The rug was a Lowe’s find. I highly recommend the real version just because it is SO soft.
Guest Room Rug

I would love to hear what you think of the space and answer any questions you may have! Thanks for being here.


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