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One Room Challenge Week 4

It is week 4 of the One Room Challenge presented by Better Homes and Gardens. This week is probably going to be my favorite. Today we are talking about the wallpaper. It is colorful, bold, geometric, and the number one item in my bag of tricks to #savethetravertine!  The first step in wallpaper installation is to prep the wall. Wallpaper does not do well or look good on textured walls. Instead of floating the wall with joint compound, I chose to sand down the texture with an orbital sander. This could be a dusty endeavor, but I used our dust collection system and it was a non dusty breeze! Especially when you watch it via timelapse! Here is the cast of characters. I ordered the wallpaper kit from Amazon it was worked wonderfully. This paper works with rolling glue onto the paper or onto the wall. I chose the wall to minimize damage to the paper. My process was to paste the wall with the brush, put up the strip of paper, smooth with the blade tool. Really pres

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