I Have Been M.I.A

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I apologize for my unplanned blog break. I had an uninvited guest that came to visit me. Maybe you have heard of him? His name is Mr. FLU! 
My vanity shelf looks like this:

I had an amazing weekend with my playgroup Moms. We went on our second annual retreat to Cypress Springs Lake. We laughed, cried, played silly games, and relaxed. The trip was perfect and the company even better!

Here is our evening spot making smores and solving the worlds problems:
I came home Sunday afternoon and by Sunday night I had fever and all of the other dreaded symptoms. On Monday morning I got the official diagnosis of flu. I don't guess I have ever had it before, because surely I would remember. The fever, aches, and fatigue were awful! Not to mention the congestion that comes with it. I am slowly on the road to recovery. Symptoms are getting much lighter and now I just need my energy back. Everyone else seems to have escaped it and I pray that continues!
Richard deserves a gold metal for 1: keeping the kids all weekend and then 2: having to run our whole house and take care of me and the kids this week. He did awesome! I have high expectations that next week be amazing! NO MORE ILLNESS! I will get back to my regular postings too.
Anyone else been bit by this bug this year???

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