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Monday, January 28, 2013

You, guys this design stuff is SO fun! I love every part of it! Helping people transform their homes into places that perfectly reflect them is just such a blessing to me. I am so humbled that this little hobby of mine continues to grow. Things are really busy, but I wouldn't change a thing! 

Here is a recent board I completed for a client that needed an office space, dressing area, and guest room all out of one small space. That is a tall order, but I think we made it work!

We gave her a fabulous bulletin board where she can put important things, but not sacrifice style. I am in LOVE with the desk chair too. The tall bookcase will do double duty for books and shoe storage. We also snuck in several other storage solutions by using the ottomans and drawers in the daybed. Since there was not much room for nightstands, I included an arched floor lamp so that guests can still read in bed.

A small space can still be stylish and functional! Don't you agree?

Happy Monday everyone! Here is to a happy, healthy, productive week!

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