Starting from Scratch! A Bright and Fresh Design!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This may be my favorite design project yet! A brand new house and ALL new furniture! It is a beautiful home and the client requested some bright pops of color and family friendly. 

The wall are all painted a light beige, so I went bold on the drapes to bring up the wow factor. As always, there are some really affordable pieces and some splurges. It is SO important to achieve that balance to maximize the budget.

Take peek...

Wall of windows and a fireplace. I could definitely have some good coffee time there!
A bright soft rug creates a perfect spot for kids to play. Large baskets will be close at hand to hide the mess. The media cabinet does not disappoint on function or style and the slip cover washable sofa is a must!

The breakfast area. The background is an actual image of the house. We are upgrading the builder basic lighting for a little more sparkle and mixing up the chairs for interest.
The room layout.

Isn't this just a happy space??? I love the color palette and fabric mix. What is your favorite part?

If this makes you want a happy space of your own...check the services tab for more info!


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