How is my Baby 1 1/2???

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tripp is now 18 months old. Officially a toddler, officially no longer a baby :(. I do feel a bit nostalgic that all of his milestones will be our "last." But I am also excited to see him growing into the little person he will become.

Here is a review of Tripp at 1 1/2:

Food: PICKY! He loves milk and cheese, anything in a squeeze pouch, hamburgers, mac and cheese and pizza. He will tolerate a few fruits and wouldn't dream of eating a vegetable. I swore I would never have one of THOSE kids. That is what I get, right? He is totally attached to his straw sippy cups and walks around with it in his mouth whether there is milk in it or not. He loves breakfast, but doesn't eat hardly anything at dinner.
Allergies: He is still eating a piece cake everyday for his "egg therapy." It is going well, but probably time to change it up. More eggs, less back time maybe. I am not sure what happens next. We avoid peanuts all together, but I have found a few safe substitutes that he really likes. His eczema is well controlled this season which is a HUGE improvement from last year.
Movement/Speech: He is doing great! He is walking everywhere, starting to climb more, bending to pick up toys...really everything he should be doing at this point. He is getting faster everyday and I expect him to take off running any time now! I am glad I did not follow through with his ECI referral, because he made such great progress on his own. His language development is right on target. He says several words and is trying to start putting them together into mini-sentances. 
Sleep: Tripp takes 1-2 naps each day for about 3 hours total. He also plays in his room by himself for 30 minutes each day. No complaints here! He is serious about bedtime and really won't tolerate it if we try to stretch him later. He sleeps with an elephant lovey and his Scout, no exceptions!
Personality/Play: He is affectionate one minute and then trying to tackle you the next! Such a boy! He loves to laugh and be silly. He is engaging to everyone he meets and is known to give quite the smolder to any lady that will accept it. Although, I am still his very favorite :). His favorite toys are trains and cars. He could play both all day. He loves Elmo and Chuck the Truck Tv shows. He thinks "Ma" (Mia) hung the moon too!
Tripp, I love more than I ever knew possible. You make my heart so happy and full. You also challenge me to grow into my role as a "boy Mom", and I am loving every minute of it. Thank for making our family complete and loving us each so well! My prayer for you, son, is that God use you in extraordinary ways. I also pray that He will show Richard and I how to teach you to be gentle warrior and servant leader as you grow up. Happy 18 months baby boy!

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