It's My Birthday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am 
I feel okay with being 32. It is not too far from 30 and it is still pretty far from 40, so no mourning here :).
I awoke to cinnamon rolls, hot coffee, hugs and gifts. I would call that a pretty great day already! I got a pretty necklace from Richard's Mom that has the birthstone of each baby. LOVE it! And some swanky work out clothes from Richard. They may be too pretty to sweat in?!?! The kids got me an electric blanket. I am always cold and this will be a life saver! Imagine, never having to crawl in a cold bed again! I am one spoiled girl!
Me and my girl with birthday fairy decor behind us!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! You two look so much alike!

  2. Happy Birthday to the best 32 year old sister ever! Love you and miss you all! Tell Richard that I am proud, LONG LIVE THE BIRTHDAY FAIRY!!!! Thanks MOM!


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