Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, January 7, 2013

This is definitely a weekend I want to "wrap up." Maybe even scrape from memory! Here is the short recap.
-Thursday - Tripp has two doctors appointments scheduled. One with a pulmonologist that was "squeezing us in" before vacation. The other is 18 month well visit. Tripp woke up vomiting, change of plans! So I changed into sweats and prepared myself for a long day at home. 

By that afternoon he was running fever and still sick, so we had to make a tough call. I gave my ticket to the Cotton Bowl to stay home with the little guy. They were suite tickets and I had been looking forward to it for weeks! BUMMER! 
The cute little maroon number I had gotten to wear to Cotton Bowl.

- Friday - Tripp was pretty sad and lethargic, but not sick anymore. Richard sent Tiff's Treats to help ease the blow of my Friday night in and I sulked most of the day. Poor Mia was on her own with a sad, sick brother too. At least the Aggies looked amazing! Gig'em!

- Saturday - I had a design consult and finally a reason to get out of the house!!! I also got to go to open house of the new children's area at our church. AMAZING! Truly such an extraordinary place to disciple children! Overall, a much improved day.

Jeep outing to Sonic to celebrate feeling better

- Sunday - Richard and I live stream the church service at 9:00 (lifesaver). Mia and Richard head out to church and Tripp and I head to the grocery store. On the very first aisle, Tripp started vomiting and vomiting some more. NIGHTMARE! All I had to help the poor guy was my grocery bags. It was awful. I didn't know what to do! So I abandoned the cart and ran out with the baby before anymore damage could be done. I felt so bad for Tripp and also for the people in the store. I would have freaked out if I saw some kid do that! Also for myself who was covered in vomit at this point. 

I learned two important lessons from this experience:
1. ALWAYS use the disinfectant wipes to clean the cart when you get to the store. You never know who or what was touching them. I'm just sayin...
2. Re-useable grocery bags clean up great in the washing machine. Who knew???

Tripp seemed to be feeling much better when we put him to bed tonight. He was eating and drinking well too. Hopefully that the end of this little saga! It was a weekend for the record books for sure! I hope I didn't make anyone gag with the recap! 

Happy Monday All!


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  1. Ethan vomitted all over me and down my shirt in wal-mart one time. At least there i was able to grab a shirt and dash to the bathroom. hope this week is better than the end!


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