Time for a new project - The Laundry Room!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well, the time has come for a new project. As "party season" comes to a close, I am getting an itch to get back to work on the house. My laundry needs some serious attention! It is not only a laundry room, it is a mud room, butler's pantry, AND a pass through to a half bathroom and the craft room. Because of that, I want to better disguise its identity as a place to do laundry. Here is my current plan:

I want to do gray walls, and give all of woodwork and cabinetry a fresh coat of paint. We will do a countertop and storage around the washer and dryer. The already purchased the rug as my inspiration. The "laundry bird" fabric will go on a cornice above the window. I plan to cover one wall in a fun mix of wall hooks to manage the growing bag problem. There are two doors in the room and I really want to paint them a light teal blue. Not sure about how that will flow with the other rooms, but I can always paint it white if it doesn't work. Is that a crazy idea?

Here is how the room looks now. Don't judge!

We have a deep freeze and a mini fridge in there that really do serve a good function for us. It is also Mia's favorite place to display her art work. I plan to cover them in ornate frames with magnets on the back. Like these:
The bag problem is truly out of control! I think more hooks at child friendly heights will help a lot. If they were spread out it would seem a lot less cluttered too.

I am not sure on countertop yet. Either butcher block or granite depending on what kind of deals I can find. Maybe I will tackle a DIY light fixture and convince the hubs to put up some crown moulding...but we will have to see. Add in some pretty jars for laundry soap and maybe a cool lamp and it just might be decent enough to walk through. Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone just love their laundry room?

I will keep you posted on the progress!


  1. I think that sounds adorable! You crack me up you aren't even through party season and already dreaming. Love all the ideas and especially the fabric for the window topper!! Wonder if you can use that again - like cover a cork board in it to hang invitations etc. Love the door idea - but not sure how it would look when the doors are open in the adjcent rooms? So maybe go inside those rooms -open the door and then imagine that color coming "into" that room and see. Other idea I would add - is there anywhere (like maybe another narrow counter build above fridge/freezer that you could set a basket with each persons name on it to put some of their "junk" in - and once it's full you hand it to them to take to their room and put away. That would conceal some of the random stuff you ned to get out the door (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella, folders, lunchbags for school etc) - you could make chalkboard labels . . . I just did for Lainey's crafts and I really like it.

  2. Consider under cabinet lighting above washer and dryer that you can install yourself, with dimmer to set the mood for when you use it for night time parties as a buffet; rather than a lamp. Lamp may get in the way when you want to fold stuff and cord can get in the way. Also make sure your decanters for laundry soap aren't glass as they get slippery and could be dropped when in a hurry doing laundry and husband friendly. Maybe some fancy plastic might be better. Just a thought from someone who has a bar above my washer and dryer.

    Maybe some skinny open locker type spaces versus just hooks. Kids could sit and take their shoes off there and hang up coast and gloves. Then start teaching them to put their stuff there now, will help when they get in school to get all their school supplies each night there ready for the next day. Just some thoughts, me no kids. What do I know?


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