The Honey-DO List!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have been nagging Richard to get some projects done around the house, and he keeps asking me to make him a here is his list! While he may give me a hard time about this, I want to say that he is a REALLY hard worker. He is so patient with all of my projects and does a great job executing them. We just always seem to have a few lingering items after each project that doesn't get finished.

Here we go honey, here is your list!

- paint back door. One has been painted, the other isn't. Bugs me all day!
 - paint the ceiling in the dining room. I want it a shimmery silver. Not a fun project, but worth it! The living room ceiling needs to painted to while you are at it!
 - I know I am reaching with this one, but I would love this carpet on the stairs to disappear! I know there just has to be beautiful wood underneath...maybe???
 - The moulding has fallen off of the window in Mia's bathroom.
 - New window sill in the guest room. We got new windows last summer, and the installers left this behind.
 - Regrout the bathtub. We had a little visitor move in under our bathtub last year. He ate through the water line on the tub, so we had to bust the tile and remove the bathtub. Richard got the tile re-installed, but it needs grout!
 - Ripple in the carpet! AGGHHH! Reason number 3496 that I don't like carpet. This is in our master. I am not sure how we will fix it...any advice would be appreciated!
 - Paint the trim around the new window above the garage. Last summer's project, time to get on it!
- Additional projects not pictured:
  - Finish garage organization project
  - Move old garage shelves to under the stair closet
  - Replace under cabinet light covers and bulbs in kitchen

Not too painful, right! I will help, I promise! Love you, honey!

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