Funny Friday - A Whole List of them!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I have had the worst luck with breaking things!
    - Sunday - borrow Richard's car, break the sunroof. Worst part was it would not close! $$$
    - Monday - iphone destroyed by frustruated baby. Know one can hear me anymore! $$$
    - Tuesday - broke oven while running the self cleaning. I didn't know you had to take everything out of the oven before you do that (oven rack pot holders, pizza have been warned). OOOPS! $$$

The good news is that RT fixed his sunroof. He was up until the wee hours of the morning fixing it because we had some serious rain storms coming our way. He took off the whole inside roof liner to fix it. Impressive! I will make my iphone work with head phones for now. I am not eligible for an upgrade yet. If you see me around town with headphones in...don't judge! Oven is good as new. Two fuses and $260 later we are back in business! I would say that is pretty cheap as compared to what could have happened with all of my blunders! Sunroof repair, new oven, new phone = WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Richard says I am not allowed to touch anything that can break anymore. (Oooh, better get off of Miss Mac!)

* One more tip I will leave you with for the weekend. Flax seed is not a good a egg replacer! My children and their recent "flatulence" proves this to be true. Please take my word for it!!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed, family filled, and really fun weekend!

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