Gender Neutral Nursery

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This latest design project was a thinker! The sweet family is expecting their third baby. They have two precious boys and wanted this one to be surprise. They had the changing table and daybed. We used their red glider as the jumping off point for the room.

We ended up with teal, red, and gray. One of my very favorite color combos and definitely gender neutral. The part that I found difficult in keeping it truly neutral was the fabrics and textures. Are birds too feminine? Is a bright chevron to masculine?  Truth be told, I feel like it is a girl in my heart, so the room may have ended up skewed to the feminine side. There a few items the couple differ in opinion on. To be safe, we are going to complete the paint, bedding, curtains. The rest of the details may come after we know what this precious baby is.

So my questions is: Is there really such thing as a completely neutral room? I am not so sure! What do you think?


  1. SO cute! We didn't know whether or not our baby was boy or girl and did a gender neutral nursery. We ended up with a baby BOY and I have since added a few more "boy" touches, but he loves his nursery and so does his mama! Here's a link to the pictures.

    1. Your nursery and your baby are absolutely adorable!!!

  2. I think it's possible but I agree with Allison about adding touches after the baby comes to add to the personality of the room. You can always do basics, but I think until you add those 'touches' it could probably be boring!


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