Funny Friday - Classy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't be jealous of the classy way we are riding around town these days!  This poor little guy is SO hot natured and will have to face that back of the car through the hot Texas summer this was our solution. Tripp has his very own trucker fan!
It is plug in, so we have an adapter to the outlet in the back seat. He absolutely loves it! It may not be the "coolest" thing, but it helps keep him "cool." The things we do for our kids right???

Anyone else have creative kid "rigged" things around? I would love to hear. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love it! I have been looking for a clip on battery fan to do the same thing since last summer! I wonder if I could do that with the adapter? Safety before glamour always!

  2. We have wanted something like that for our dogs! We love taking them but can't when it gets too hot out ... I wonder if there's a battery one too like the commenter above said? I haven't even seen an adapter one before! Great idea!

    1. My husband thinks you can find one at a truck stop. I was not patient enough for that, but I am sure they exist. Good luck with your hunt!


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