I've gone soft...let's just call it a playroom!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have avoided this for a long time. 3 years to be exact! I had a nice sitting room with comfy seating and "no touch" kind of items. Then we made a mistake...we moved the play kitchen from the real kitchen into the sitting room to make space for the computer table. I thought "okay, I can live with this, it is just one toy, right?" 

 Well it turns out that the kids loved playing with the kitchen in there. I was so nearby when I was cooking, which gave kids and momma some piece of mind. Then the Dora's House happened. It was a great gift from a friend and it needed a spot. There was a wine rack and glasses in the sitting room, but with the kids playing in the play kitchen, it was time to say goodbye. The wine rack got the boot, and Dora's House moved in!
 Then today, the thing I thought I would never do...I replaced the coffee table with a train table. The table is Tripp's birthday present from Grancy and Pops and the kids are beyond thrilled.

So I think it is official...This is no longer my sitting room. It is a PLAYROOM! I think it is going to needs some curtains to separate it from the dining room, a slip cover for the couch, whimsical pillows. I can embrace this, right??? Anyone else succumb to the toys and just accept them as part of the decor??? Surely I am not the only one to lose this battle?


  1. I succumbed to the playroom a loooong time ago - and as a result I think both boys do really well at playing independently!

  2. Yes, pretty much the story of my whole house....but I figure in just a few short years, I can really worry about the appearance of my house, because the toys will be gone, and the kids will be in school ... I always tell my husband "in 18 years we can have nice furniture, or nice flowerbeds in the backyard, or this or that that just doesn't fly with lots of young boys around!" I've decided to just embrace it instead of letting it drive me nuts (which it still does at times!)

  3. Amen sister!!! You know what happened to me - the front room - THE FIRST room you see when you walk in my house that was NEVER going to have a toy is all kid, all baby all pink and all family and I love it! Makes my life easier!

    2 suggestions for you since it attaches to another room - there are these GREAT cable curtain rods at ikea that you can use as a divider to slide between the two rooms (look at the PBteen website for some ideas) and then use those same cables to hang above the couch directly on the wall to display mia and evenutally tripps art work - we LOVE having that!!! Have fun with it, embrace it - it will change your life for being sooo much easier! PS_ the paint looks perfect in L's room! Can't wait for you to come see it! and hopefully more progress before then. Hugs, j

  4. My formal living room is now a playroom for the grands.........oh well, at least all the toys stay in one room now!

  5. Absolutely! We gave up our guest bedroom for a playroom and it has been my sanity! No toys are allowed out of the playroom and I can just shut the door when it gets out of control in there and pretend like none of their junk even exists!


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