"Santa!" Or should I say "Santa?"

Monday, December 17, 2012

We are the parents that did this to our kids last week. Dressed them up for a photo shoot with a strange man they don't know and asked them to smile like they are having the time of their lives. Maybe it is a little bit silly, but I love seeing the picture year after year and displaying the latest one each Christmas. 

It is a tradition, and traditions don't always make sense, we just do them! Right? Tripp completely freaked out like I knew he would and Mia was just a little star struck.

 We have not really explained Santa to our kids. We don't have a "stance" on Santa really though. I don't think he is the enemy of Christmas. He is supposed to be a loving man that brings gifts to children. It is a fun magical story. That is where I think it will stay in our house. When the kids start really asking for explanation, I will tell them the story of St. Nick (Veggie Tales Version). He was a real man with a good heart.

As far as if he is going to come down our chimney every year...I think I will let the kids decide. Mia has a great imagination and lives in make believe world a lot of the time. Just this week, so though Periwinkle (Tinkerbelle Twin) had been to our house to add frost to the grass. So, if she thinks that Santa came down the chimney to bring her presents, I won't correct her. I will share in her amazement just as I did over the frost fairy. :).
"Christmas is Jesus Birthday." That is what I want their answer to always be. They can use a lot of other words to describe this season...but it all exists because God entered the world as a baby to live among us in the mud and muck so that he could save us from ourselves. I think that is worth celebrating in any way. Gifts, trees, lights, carols...just a time to praise Him and his incredible gift!

While we were laughing at Santa Pics and playing with friends, tragedy struck. I know it has helped me snap back to really focus on what Christmas is. Also, I am reminded that while this is a beautiful time of year, it is nothing compared to the place that God is preparing for us to spend eternity with him. One without evil or pain.

Lord, I come to you broken hearted for the for a world that tries to push you away. Your world is a beautiful place full of love and blessings. I pray that you will soften hard hearts and lead the lost to your son. Only then can we overcome evil. We are ready and willing to be your hands and feet, show us how. Thank you for the gift of Jesus. Amen.

On Tuesday, December 18th, there will be a blogger day of silence to honor those effected by this tragedy. We will post the button and that's it. Join me, and please try to not post anything else that day.


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  1. popping over from nester! i know that santa ;) you must be in dallas...it's been 3 years since we lived there but he was "our" santa. can't wait to explore more of your blog!


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