Christmas Cards!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh christmas cards...the annual tradition where we dress up our children and pray the photographer's camera is fast enough to capture the one or two decent moments amongst the chaos. Is this just my family, or do others go through this??? 

I always feel flustered and wiped out after family photos and this year topped the cake! Tripp was cranky and would not let Mia get near him, but miraculously, our photographer got some great shots! Thank you Whitney Sawyer for the wonderful pictures. This is the 4th year we have used her and she makes the process as easy as possible. The cards always turn out great too!

We snapped a few pictures while we were waiting for our turn...they aren't near as good as Whitney's, but there a few keepers :).

I LOVE getting all of the cards from other families. I run to the mailbox everyday just to see whose card we got that day. I truly love it! They warm up our house with smiling faces of all of the people we love. I also like knowing that soon that each of these cards will be on display in our mudroom next year as our weekly "prayer family". 

All the lovely cards on display!


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  1. Still pregnant... :) 39 weeks and counting! Thanks for stopping by and I take it as a BIG compliment that you liked our little gurl's nursery.


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