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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For this client, we are working on updating all of their main living areas. First room on the list was their living/dining room. We are now calling it the "sitting room." It is currently without furniture and has a few toys to wrangle. We are bringing in some pretty pieces that are still very comfortable and hiding the toys in all sorts of creative ways.

I left this space pretty neutral since you see through the whole house when sitting in it. We also wanted to work with their existing dining room set and rug, so neutral was the best route. The walls are currently a warm beige/yellow tone and we are not painting them. So, I added a few pops of yellow that tie it all together and give just the right amount of color.

The room will have wallpaper backed bookshelves (a must in most of my designs). And loads of other stylish elements. There are some splurges and some serious good deals included in this design. Can you spot the difference???

So, what do you think? Wouldn't you love to have your coffee and great book in this room? Check the services tab for design service information. You also have a chance to win one.

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