Insta Update Day!

Friday, December 14, 2012

We have had so much great stuff going here we go!!!
Christmas Family Fun!

Santa's Village in Richardson. So fun!

They bring in Santa on a fire truck, my kids were thrilled!

Pretty pumped to meet McGruff!

Gorgeous Tree at the Village. I you go, you must get there before 6 too see Santa's arrival. Worth it!
Baby Jude is Here!
This sweet baby, our new nephew, entered the world on Sunday. He put up quite a fight, but his Mom is an amazing trooper and is recovering well! He is just adorable!

Happy Birthday cake for Jude!

Tripp is not sure what he thinks. For those of you with babies this close together...WOW! God bless you. It has to be tough!

Playgroup Christmas Party!

We had our third annual Play group Christmas party yesterday. We do a dirty santa gift exchange with the mommas and the kids had so much fun playing together. 

Mia and Camryn, the sweet girls in a sea of crazy boys! Holy mess!


Took this little gem this morning! They have wanted to play outside all week, so I finally said yes. We bundled up and played! Why don't kids notice when it is so cold!?!
We have a fun filled weekend planned and are counting down the days to Christmas! Such a fun, crazy time of year!


  1. What is a dirty santa gift exchange? I must know!

    1. So for my delay...just say this! Dirty Santa is where every one draws a number and opens gifts in their numerical order. When it is your turn, you can steal from the other people who have opened gifts or open a new one. We call it dirty santa, I think it has several other names too.


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