Amazing interactive Dinner at La Duni!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We went to a dinner party at La Duni this weekend to celebrate the completion of a big project at Richard's old company. This is an annual tradition. Every year is full of great good and and great people, but this year topped them all!

We had a private room at La Duni complete with a Mojito making class, shot pairings with the courses, interactive cooking lesson from the chef, and AMAZING food. It was truly a night to remember! Here are the pictures (all quickly taken with my iphone). I was trying to be discreet ;).

Mojito Making Class! I am horribly allergic to mint, so I kept my distance! 

The bartender made a good point to remember. You have to use ALL of the sugar in the recipe because it is needed to grind up the mint and limes. No Skinny Mojitos allowed!

First Course Chicken Lollipops and fried plantains. Delicious!
First Shot...little bloody mary's. It was SPICY!

Second course: Puff Pastry crusted salmon. The Chef had been working on it for days! There was spinach and mushrooms inside the pastry crust as well. It was served with a Bur Blanc sauce.

The salmon! Maybe the BEST thing I have ever eaten. I am still dreaming about it! I don't think it is on the menu, but it needs to be. If you go to La Duni...tell them that! I asked him if the recipe was on Pinterest. HA!
The third course was filet...I was so full and happy by that time, that I didn't even get a picture! They served it with bone marrow to spread on toast. That was a new one for sure!

Richard with two great ladies he worked with. Casey and Emily. They are really sweet and lots of fun!

Some of the younger staff started picking on the older guys. They ordered Richard this shot "____ on the beach." Needless to say... I drove us home!

Cooking class. Emily is making butternut squash tiramisu. It was delicious!

Richard's gift from the team! They are so funny!

Thanks for a great night EY team! We will really miss you guys! We have to do this again very soon!


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