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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I truly did!

 I have a new obsession for capturing pictures of our daily life...Instagram. I was slow to jump on board  because I could not see how it was different than posting pictures to facebook, but I totally get it now. I find it to be a much simpler way to capture the sweet moments in everyday and I feel like these silly little pictures would clog up facebook. If you haven't jumped on board yet, just give it a try!

Here is a look at our life lately, Instagram style!

Mia's new fashion. Short dress, skirt, tights. She is all about making up her own fashion rules!

We played "C - action word charades" They are casting for fish.

Tripp and I won C charades and this is our victory snowcone!

Just yummy, so I had to snap a picture!

Attack! With two boys in the house now, the wrestling matches are on! I am afraid Tripp may end up bigger and stronger than all of us. Look out!

Sweet summer afternoons! Popsicles and splashes!

Initiation of sweet cousin Ava into our crazy world!

Sweet cousins!

Yummy freezer meal! We are still really loving the once-a-month cooking!  I know several of you wanted to try it....I would love an update on how that is going!

Bottle free and sweet bed head!

Playing at the mall. These two are really starting to enjoy each other!

Tripp now gets trapped in a pack-n-play for TV time. He can't stay still otherwise! I know...mother of the year!

Hot "tubing" with friends.

The sweet Mommas of playgroup! We had a Mom's Day off this weekend and it was FABULOUS!!! Brunch, Spa, Shopping, Swimming, and Dinner and Dessert Downtown. LOVE THESE LADIES!

The Mommas at Dinner!

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