Goodbye to our Sweet Bailey.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet Bailey. She was 11 years old and losing the battle with cancer. It is such a horrible decision to have to make, but we knew it was time when she could no longer walk around or eat. It is really sentimental to us, because she has always been a part of our story. Since the very beginning really. She leaves behind a golden retriever that thinks she hung the moon and two little kids who were pretty attached too. Does anyone have any good tips on making this transition easier on the kids or the other dog. I don't think we are doing it well. Mia is just confused.

Here are some pictures of the sweet memories...

Newly married with our two babies.

Puppy Bailey. She was a pound puppy. Rotten and sweet all wrapped in one cute package!

Thrilled by our engagement, can't you tell!?!

These two were pretty good buds all through college. 

My baby! We are "joint custody" so she lived part time at my house and part time at Richards.  She was too spoiled and had lots and aunts and uncles because of that!

Moving into our first house.

She loved the kids. She didn't always show affection, but you could tell by her protective side that their safety was her number one priority. Even an innocent wrestling match between us and the kids would make her crazy.
Goodbye sweet Bailey! You are terribly missed!



  1. bye sweet bailey, ok that made me cry:( love the photo of her with your headband veil on...remember that special night!! love you guys!

  2. I'm so sorry. Many hugs, xoxo.

  3. We had to put our Harley down in 2007 and my kids STILL talk about him and get teary-eyed. He had diabetes and we tried for quite a while to get it under control. You are right -- it was time for Bailey to go home.

    I am a Christian and fully believe that animals are in heaven. They are creations of God and their demise is a by-product of our sin. I don't know how God gets them to heaven or any of that, but I truly believe to the depths of my soul that our pets will be there.

    I also realize that my beliefs may freak some people out. Pets show us Christ. They show unconditional love; they comfort, protect, and become a member of the family. The Bible says that we have entertained angels unaware; isn't it possible that maybe some of our pets are angels to give us a taste of heaven?

    I hope I haven't freaked you out and you think I am from some crazy, pet-worshipping cult.

    I found your blog several years ago when I was looking for the meaning behind "Held" by Natalie Grant and I have continued to follow you here and we are also Pinterest "friends." God has used your story to encourage me and I hope I can encourage you in your loss of Bailey.

    God Bless You!

  4. Oh, how very sad. I'm so sorry. :(


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