13 Months!

Monday, July 30, 2012

My little guy is 13 months old! He is full of life, spunk, and personality and I think I kinda love that about him! Can we just take a moment to look at that yummy boy? ........................okay, I just have such a crush on him!

Here is what he has been up to this month:
Food: He LOVES graham crackers, drinks 3 cups of whole milk everyday, is crazy about pizza, and will eat anything in a squeeze pouch! He has some texture issues with cut up fruit and veggies, but we are working on it. It is mostly touching it that bothers him, so we are working on using a fork.

Sleep: I think he is doing pretty well. He still takes 2 naps everyday, sometimes 3 for a total of 4-5 hours everyday. He sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He does not seem ready to drop that morning nap, so that may limit some of our fall activities. I am not complaining though...sleep is a good thing!

Activity: He has mastered crawling! He can get anywhere he needs to pretty quick. He is also easily pulling up on furniture and will walk beside you only holding 1 hand. Hopefully he will be walking in the next few months...Bittersweet! Tripp loves to wrestle too. He will "knock you down" and then just crack up laughing.

Toys: He is crazy about his train table. He destroys the tracks that the rest of us put so much time into building though. We call him our Godzilla. He still loves to play with the Dora house and is becoming more interested in his toy cars and trucks. Do boys just innately know how to make car sounds? So funny! He got a Leap Frog Scout for his birthday and he adores it too. Scout, an elephant lovie, and a stuffed elephant all have to be with him in his crib before he will consider laying down. He tucks one elephant under each arm and face-plants into the mattress. ADORABLE!

Words: He is doing well on his communication. He can pick up new sign language really quickly and is trying to repeat what we say. He has grabbed onto some funny new sounds like "Da-ta-Da" with arms in the air superman style. He is so giggly and I love it. He started doing that awkward laugh when we laugh even though he does not have a clue what we are laughing at. Cute. Stage. One of his favorite words is "that." He points and says "that" for everything he wants. Not as cute a stage! It can be hard to figure out what "that" is!

Happy 13 months to our happy, adorable, tender hearted little man! We love you so much and are enjoying every minute that we get to watch you grow into the gentle warrior we are praying for you to become!
Mom and Dad

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  1. I had the same question about my son and car sounds too.. I do believe it's something they just know how to do :-)


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