Hobby Lobby? What?!?!?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Am I getting older or is Hobby Lobby getting a lot cooler??? It used to be the place I went for crafty stuff, willow branches, and frames. Now every time I go I am so surprised by the great treasures I find! Plus you know you will find it at 50% off at some point! 

Here are some of my latest finds:
Driftwood Vase. On clearance! Great to add some texture to a room.

Candleholder. I LOVE this! I think it might become the new light fixture in my laundry room.

Their lamps are just perfect! 

So cute right? If you have orange in your house anywhere...you NEED this lamp!

Move over Anthro...Hobby Lobby is in town!

Rustic teal mirror. I just love this color!

Modern subway art. These may make it into the laundry room too!

When is the last time you went to Hobby Lobby? You should definitely go and check out their new decor! 


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