A Very Special Nursery Project

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have recently had the honor to work on a very special nursery project for a special family. They originally approached me to help with designing a twin nursery for the boy and girl they were expecting. Unfortunately, their son did not survive. The mom is now on hospital bed rest to make sure the baby girl grows as much as possible. My heart just hurts for this family and the rollercoaster of emotions they must deal with every moment.

We did a very elegant design for this very special baby girl to come home to. The unique elements in the room will be wall sconces in lieu of lamps and a California King Upholstered Headboard to serve as the backrest of a daybed. It is definitely a room that will grow with her.

They have also asked me to find a way to honor their son in the room. While that has not been easy on me, I am so glad that I am able to serve this family. It is interesting that grief and design would find their way together in my life. I will share the special artwork soon.

Please be in prayer for this sweet family!


  1. Would this by any chance be for a girl named Kim? If not, that's the second time in a month I've heard this same heartbreaking story. :-(

  2. What a small world! They truly are the sweetest family. Her sister in law is one of my childhood best friends.

  3. Aw, that's going to be so great! Hope the little girl grows and does well. What a fantastic design - love the headboard.


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