Funny Friday - Can I have an ice cream sandwich?

Friday, July 13, 2012

"Can I have an ice cream sandwich?" That is what Mia said to me last night. In hindsight, I should have said, "sure, dear." But what did I say instead?....

"How about a cookie sundae from Chik-fil-a?" We had an early dinner because Richard was gone and it seemed like the perfect outing to get us to bed time. I checked the allergen alerts for desserts and Chik-fil-a and it was a NO GO for Tripp. They put eggs in everything! Ok...easy solution, we will pick him up ice cream from sonic (it is egg free) and then take that to Chik-fil-a with us. We got ready to head out. Mia had her dress on backwards and shoes on the wrong feet, but we just went with it.

Well this is where things began to unravel. We sat in SO much traffic that it took use 25 minutes to get to Sonic. That equals a fussy baby for sure! $1 dollar at Sonic for our egg free treat and we were back in business! We got to Chik-fil-a and ordered our cookie sundae and headed to the play area. Tripp was a big fan of his treat, but Mia took one bite of hers and decided she didn't like it. AWESOME!?! She decided to play instead, so guess who ate the sundae???

She kept asking me to play with her, but I just didn't feel comfortable leaving Tripp unattended. She finally wore me down though. Just one time down the slide, he couldn't get into trouble that quick, right? I sat him down in the little baby play area and headed to the slide with Mia. I was away from him for 45 seconds at the most, but I came back to find him absolutely covered in ketchup! He found one of the new mega packs and how to squish it open in a matter of seconds. He looked like he was bleeding out!

That was the end for me! I told the kids it was time to go home. Mia of course did not receive that information well. I asked her sit down on the ground and put on her shoes. She would not do it unless she could sit up at the table. "Fine, just please put your shoes on!" I was still removing ketchup from Tripp when I heard a big thud. Mia fell backwards off the chair onto the ground. So we left with a ketchup covered baby and a crying little girl. An outing to remember for sure!

As I am loading Mia into her carseat to go home, she looks at me and says "Mom, can I have an ice cream sandwich?" I just had to laugh! What a way to put it all back in perspective. All she wanted was an ice cream sandwich, if I had just said yes the first time, we would have had a much better evening. Just making memories, right???

Tripp's new trick. He does this when we say "I can't believe it!"
Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend. We plan to have some fun family time and to start on the Laundry room. I have been shopping this week and may need your help on a few decisions, so stay tuned...


  1. love it! good to know we all have those days:)

  2. I laughed so hard I cried, then Beau had to read it.


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