Seaside 2012!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We had a great vacation to Seaside, Florida! I kept saying we were going to Destin for our vacation, but truth is, we never even made it to Destin. Charming Seaside had more than enough for my young family to enjoy!

We went with Richard's parents (Grancy and Pops) and Richard's sister, Mandy and her husband, Sam. We stayed at a house in Water Sound. The area was beautiful with a private beach. There were also Dunes running the full length of the beach and it made for beautiful scenery and nice secluded feel. 

As with any vacation, the food is one of the most important things. We enjoyed a lot of the local fare, be we also did a cooking competition to keep things interesting. Here were our menus:

- Chicken and Sausage Kabobs with Cheesy potatoes. Pink lemonade pie for dessert.
- Cilantro Cream Chicken Enchiladas, black beans, salsa bar, grilled shrimp. Lemon Creme Pies for dessert.
- Grilled Chimichurri flank steak asparagus and peppers with a pepper jack risotto. Grilled peaches with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.

Sounds Yummy right? It was! Of course there was no clear diplomatic!

Local Fare:

- Bud and Alley's Pizza with an Ocean View
- The Donut Hole, Santa Rosa Beach
- The Donut Truck - Aly's Beach
- V at Seagrove for date night!

Let's just say that vacation detox is in full effect! Too much good food!!!

Here are the pictures of our fun times. There are a lot, so brace yourself!

Vacation has officially started, we have sand on our feet!

Checking out the beaach on the first our pjs!

The Beautiful Dunes and Boardwalks

Bikes parked seaside, I loved the bright colors all of the bikes had.

Richard and Mandy checking it out.

Richard and Sam

Me and my sweet girl!

Giant ice cream cone in Seaside. Mia was thrilled!

Outside of Bud and Alley's in Seaside

My handsome Men!

Ready for the Beach!

Mia LOVED it! She could have played in the sand all day every day!

Grancy and Tripp

It is a rough life!!!

Someone was not a fan of sand. Can you tell???

My little man, he is giving the sand a dirty look!

Mia's birthday day! We all woke her up singing happy birthday, opened presents, then headed to donuts!

3 candle in her donut.

Cute pool chic!

Mia and Mandy

"Mom, Do these look funny on me???

Shopping day and lunch with just the 4 of us.

New Crocs for Mia and I. Mine were clear in the store, but turned pink when I walked outside. Interesting surprise...I prefer the clear, but I can embrace the pink!

Da nuh, Da nuh...scary shark!

Mia and Daddy in the pool

Family Pictures

Richard and Mia playing in Seaside

The Kayak! Sam and Richard had so much fun on this thing. They named him "Wilson." 

A big THANK YOU to Grancy and Pops for a great week! We had such a great time!


  1. How precious!!! Love it!

  2. Great family pictures! It looks like a fun and relaxing vacation.

  3. looks like y'all had a great time! what a beautiful family, love all the photos. your kiddos are really growing!! miss you guys


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