Old Mirror - New Life as a Chalkboard

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We have this great mirror that was in our Master Bathroom before we renovated. It then moved into the office and now that that office changed to a craft room, it was homeless once again. I could not think of a good place for a mirror that size and I hated to get rid of it. So....it became a chalkboard! My husband thought I was crazy to paint on top of mirror, but a little "googling" had me convinced it was worth a try. It now has a happy new spot in our kitchen and I think it is going to function so well for us! Here is how I did it.

Mirror Before

Tape of mirror frame with painters tap on the edge and then saran wrap to cover the frame.

I primed with metal primer since it was a slick surface, but I think any primer would do. Then I used 2 coats of rustoleum chalkboard paint. I used the brush on because I could not find the spray at Michaels or Lowes. Brushing was okay, but I had to sand between layers and I still have some brush marks. Spraying would be SO much better!

Anyway....it was a quick easy project! Do you have an old mirror or piece of art that needs new life? Give this a try!

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