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Friday, May 25, 2012

Okay, let me first say that I am not a gardener. I have killed WAY more things than I have ever kept alive. I have gotten smarter over the years and have learned these few secrets.

1. Plants like water. Genious, I know!
2. Ignore the little tag that tells you how far apart to plant them. It is always way too much space. The closer the better, especially with annuals.
3. Weeds happen, there is no secret to getting rid of them. Kneel down and pull them! I am thinking of putting that on Mia's chore list. Only problem is she can't really tell a flower from a weed!

So here is what I have been growing this spring:

First up is my favorite project! Remember the mirror turned chalkboard in the kitchen? Well I had the round pottery barn candle holder in that space before the chalkboard. I had grown tired of it and it just was not really functional. I think I lit the candles one time and then had mess to clean them all out and replace them. NO THANK YOU! got a new life on the patio as a vertical planter. I have green and purple sweet potato vine growing on it. I hope they will be cascading down the wall very soon. I found the mini clay pots at Michaels for around $.50 each.

Candle holder becomes a vertical planter

Ferns on the front porch.

Begonias and caladiums in containers and in the ground.

They are growing quickly and have really filled in the bed. I still wish I had started a little closer together. See point #2 above!

I think these are vinka...but they are hanging on my front porch and doing great with a bi-weekly watering.

The day lilies! My joy!

Cala Lily. We planted this after Lilly passed away and it come back more beautiful every year!

Backyard project! I don't have a good before picture, but just imagine a horrible wasteland and that would be this area of the backyard. We had an old dead tree that was cut down and it left a mess! We dug all of that up and added this landscape area.

We also did a large area of playground mulch. It has little outdoor toys on it now, but we will add a playset when Tripp gets a little bigger. The have loved it so far!

What have you been growing this spring? I would love to know.

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  1. What a VERY clever idea!I LOVE it and your sweet potaoe vines are going to look awesome as soon as they start trailing! Very lovely garden and plant pics,thank you for sharing them:) Deidre~ Stop over and chat sometime!


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