Richard got baptized!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Okay, guys have to hear me brag on my man for a little bit. I met him 13 years ago as a freshman in college. He was cute, smart, responsible, and most of all funny! We had such a great time and laughed so much. Everyone knew that we were definitely headed down the aisle someday...and we did! Almost 9 years ago!

He continued to be the sweet, funny guy I married and also became a good provider and valued a good days work. We attended a church, made new couple friends and survived the newlywed years. Overtime we both got immersed in our careers and life got a little more serious and little less funny. Then we had Lilly. Richard was an amazing father from the very beginning. He was tender, attentive, and so loving. There is nothing better than seeing a man love his children well! Amen??? 

Well most of you know how the story goes from there...We honestly had some dark times. We called it "survival mode." He continued to work hard, but didn't find the value it had before. He stayed up late playing video games or watching discovery channel. There was not much laughing in those days.

Flash forward 4 years later and I am amazed at who he is today. He works hard at his job, but with goal to get his work done so he can be home with his family. He serves with a group of middle school boys at our church. He is a mentor for them and they have taught him so much as well. He is involved in our community group and is constantly working to be a better father  and husband. He gives freely of his time and really loves people well. I think I can say "He is all grown up!" 

He gave his testimony and was baptized at our church today in front of thousands of people. I sobbed through the whole thing because I am so amazed that God brought us together AND that he brought us through so much. Richard asked Christ into his heart as an adolescent, but made a true profession of faith today. It was a great celebration!

Because Christ's love, Richard is an amazing man...he is funnier, cuter, smarter, and more loving than ever. I am one lucky girl and our children will be so blessed to have such a great father.

Love you honey! Here are some pics of the great day.

Giving his testimony

See...always being funny!

He was baptized by his good friends and fellow small group leaders. He was also surrounded by several of the middle school boys. So special!


  1. Awesome!!!! God is just and faithful, who wouldnt serve such an awesome God!! I am soo happy for you and Richard...God, awesome.WONDER

  2. That is just awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Love to my Thomas's from chicken and pretend naps. . . through the real life stuff . . . all the way to now. God is so good, so faithful and so life changing.


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