11 Months Old!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My precious little man is 11 months old! A part of me is sad to lose the "baby," but I have to admit that my favorite stage is 1 - 2 years. They are learning so much and so sweet and innocent. That "toddling" around just melts my heart.
I love to watch Tripp light up when he accomplishes something like fitting the shape into the right hole or moving himself to an object he really wants. He gets so proud of himself. Tripp has had a great month and we have made some major progress on some of the items we were concerned about.
- Eating - Tripp is eating solids so well now. He basically eats what we eat most meals, no more purees.  Our home has become peanut and egg free and we are all trying to learn how to make that work. Tripp still eats 4 formula bottles a day, so that will be the next item to tackle. He will use a sippy cup now which is huge! He has a "baked egg" challenge next week and we are really praying for great results. If he passes it, then we can start treating the egg allergy.
-Movement - Not crawling or walking yet, but he really wants to. He gets himself in interesting situations trying to figure it out and has a pretty good attitude about it. I think he will crawl close to his birthday just like his sister.
-Likes-Tripp's favorite things include yogurt cheerios, bananas, playing with boxes of random toys, his elephant lovey, anything musical, of course, his momma!
-Dislikes-beans, third nap, being splashed, and generally anything that happens after 7:00 pm that does not include sleeping.
-Communication- Tripp is great at it. He will use either sign language, words or body language, but he makes sure you know what he wants. His favorite words are ball, dada (used for me and richard both), Tripp (watch out he spits a lot when trying to say it). He baby jibberish is so funny. He can talk so fast and looks at you like "why aren't you keeping up?".

 We love you little man, more than words can really express. You just melt my heart with those blue eyes. You have a smile for anyone and don't know a stranger. I pray that you maintain that confidence and that the Lord uses to reach and love on people. You stretch and challenge me everyday and I am so grateful. I never knew that I could embrace mess, drool, and endless energy until there was YOU!

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  1. He is so adorable! Hattie is right there with him on the dislikes anything after 7:00 that does not include sleeping in her bed.


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