Mia's Dora Fiesta!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Dora party has come and gone and I think it was a success! The kids were into the adventure theme and really seemed to enjoy all of the activities. Sorry for the picture overload...but here it is!

Mia and Dora. All of the kids got to take their picture with Dora before starting out on the adventure.
Here are the party guests with their maps and backpacks. 
The start of the Adventure!

First adventure: Drive the Dora Jeep through around the track.

Next Stop on their map: 

Then onto Isa's Garden:

The kids planted seeds into a little cup to take home in their backpack.

Up next was Crocodile Lake

The "lake was made out of two tarps positions about 1 foot apart. The kids crawled through trying to avoid the crocodiles inside.

Then it was time to find the pirate treasure!

Then finally down the balloon path to the Pinata!

He put up a good fight, but we finally broke the candy free!

Here is the Decor:

Tissue paper wreath. Pool noodle, 5x7 sheets of tissue paper folded in half, hot glue and ta dah!!! Cheap and easy, the best kind of projects!

Star Cookies made by "Aunt Mandy." So cute, huh?

Table Skirt is made from stretchy ruffle fabric.

Balloon Towers made from PVC pipe and balloons bound together with a zip tie. Super easy!

Drink station with mexican mineral water and pineapple punch. 
Everyone got a backpack and map when they arrived at the party. The paper sacks were for the babies. The backpacks had a compass, spyglass, maraca, Dora fruit snacks, and a few other goodies to help them on their adventure. They also took home their planting, a felt flower, rubber crocodile, bracelets from the pirate treasure, and pinata candy!

I ordered the backpacks from Oriental Trading and then added the felt faces with felt glue.
This was the inside of the map that the kids used to get through their adventure. I made it in Microsoft Word.
The kids had their own party tent.

We set up a Dora playland for the babies. They needed to have some fun too!

Guests could also make their own Dora bracelet.

The Food!

We served traditional mexican fare. Fajitas, chips, queso, quac...

We had to serve Dora yogurt!
Pre-scooped Ice Cream made it so easy to serve. I used Dora cupcake liners and star sprinkles to dress it up!
Time to celebrate!

I'm Three!

Tripp and Pops

Mia and her girls: Stella, Chloe, and Kendall

Tripp and Aunt Chelsi. I know it was Mia's party, but he is so cute and not a moving target yet!

Family Picture!

Pops and Ya-Ya with the kids.

Richard and I, he is slightly annoyed with my Mom's picture taking. Can you tell???

Me and my little man!

I think this face proves that the party was a success!!!

I know these parties selfishly feed my desire to be creative, but Mia loves a good party too! As long as she enjoys it, I am happy to do it!

Feliz Cumpleanos Mia!!! What a Fiesta!


  1. You did such a great job; this looks so cute!! I'm sure the kids loved it!

  2. Super cute...my niece had a party similar it was a bear hunt like the kid song! I love all your decore and craftines! Great job and Happy Birthday Mia

  3. Adorable party!! I noticed that Mia is always stylin' with her bows. I thought you might like to check out my hair bows and clips on my Facebook page. I make a bunch of different styles!



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