Richard's Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I LOVE celebrating birthdays! It all comes from my mom who made sure our birthdays were so special and full of tradition every year. My favorite traditions are being woken up by the family singing Happy Birthday, seeing that the "birthday fairy" had come and decorated the kitchen table with balloons and streamers, and blowing out candles on the cinnamon rolls. (The middle roll is always reserved for the birthday person.) You then get to start your special day by opening your birthday presents. It is the best!

Richard and I have carried those traditions into our family too. So we started his birthday weekend with a lovely and loud version of Happy Birthday to wake him up. The kids loved it! While Mia was at school on Friday, Tripp and I went on an adventure to find the best root beer in Dallas. We went to the Dairyette thanks to a suggestion from my friend Lisa. It is rundown, remote, cash only, and the root beer came out in a bottle that looked like moon shine. It was totally worth it. Great root beer!

Richard picked Torchy's for dinner and then we came home for "cake". I used Old Fashioned Vanilla Bluebell ice cream and frosted mugs to make him the perfect root beer float. They were pretty good!

Sunday, Richard and I headed out to "Richard and Jennifer's Day of Frisco Fun!" Richard's parents kept the kiddos and we took a full 24 hour vacation. It was great!

We started with breakfast at the 5th Street Patio Cafe. Quaint and Yummy!
I think this is his version of a smolder....

Then we shopped around Frisco for a little bit and headed to the Float Spot for aqua massages and floating. It was a really unique experience. (Thanks Laura!) We definitely left feeling relaxed and rejuvinated. To shake off our floating stupor, we went to drive go-carts and Pole Position Raceway. Not your average go cart track for sure. These cars are fast and helmets are required. I did one race and then decided I would be better suited as the sideline cheerleader. Richard had a blast!

Game face!

He is Underdogtamu, I am jenn. I rocked it, huh?

We went to our hotel to check-in and clean up for dinner. It was the Westin Stonebriar and it had beautiful view of the golf course! It also had the "heavenly bed" which I am a big fan of!

Dinner was at Trufire. They have a lovely patio! We had crab dip and shrimp diablo pizza. SO YUMMY! Then we still had time for a movie. My sweet husband let us go see the The Lucky One which is such a chick flick and I loved it!

Happy Birthday Richard! I think 32 looks pretty good on you and I know it is going be a great year!


  1. What a great birthday. I am glad the root beer worked out!

  2. Such a beautiful picture of you!


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