Funny Friday - Keep Calm and Put a Bird On it?!?!

Friday, April 13, 2012

In my attempt to be "green" and keep my home a healthy place, I leave the doors open a lot. It is supposed to be one of the best ways to get rid of toxins in the home (that and removing shoes). Well this week, I discovered that we might need to invest in some screens. During the kids nap I was visited by a little friend. He was not excited to have found his way into my home and I was none too thrilled to meet him either!

It was Mom problem solving time. I grabbed the broom to help him find his way out. If I got close though, he went crazy. I was not up for a bird attack. Time for plan B. Call the husband, he will know what to do! Husband puts me on speaker phone at work. They all have different ideas for me, but everytime I get near the bird, the bird freaks out and I scream. This led to roaring laughter from the accountants. Clearly not helpful. Richard says it would take him 30 minutes to get here to help me. I did not want to hang out with the bird for half an hour! Time for plan C. Damsel in distress call to the neighbors. My neighbor bravely walks in, confronts the bird, scoops him into a bucket, covers the bucket and then releases the bird! Yay! Free at last! Apparently this is the same technique little boys use to catch spiders and frogs. Who knew???

So in the words of Portlandia:

Birdy on my new drapes. NO!

Birdy on the highchair!

I hope everyone has a great and bird drama free weekend!


  1. We had a chipmunk run in our house a few years ago right as we were trying to leave for church (of COURSE it was the Sunday we were supposed to work in the nursery). I used your neighbor's technique to catch him, but there was much squealing and jumping around first.

  2. That is too KNOW I would have been freaking out!!! Way to use your resources!

  3. I would have paid money to watch you in this bird encounter :) I would have been screaming and freaking out too!!!

  4. Next time throw a beach towel over it, scoop it up and carry the towel outside that is how to catch a bird!!!!

    My past cats have always brought them to me, and it was always when the spouse was out of town! Like a love thing, but I didn't appreciate it!

    Also brought us a live bunny on Good Friday once, that one I didn't get myself!

    love, aunt Heather

  5. love it! i would have been flipping out!!


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