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Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of my favorite blogs, Finding Joy , is doing a great challenge called the 10 days of Intentional Parenting.

I have been participating since Monday, and it has really filled my heart. This Mom business is tough work, more than I ever anticipated. It is so much more than snacks and "playing." We are shaping little people! That is a HUGE job! So I decided to take this challenge for myself and see where I can grow as a parent more.

On Monday I set the timer and played with both kids individually for at least 10 minutes. I let them teach me for once. You know what??? I actually learned something! Mia has this amazing technique for doing puzzles and I had never taken the time to really watch it.  Tripp is fascinated by sounds. I watch him play with a bucket of instruments and got so excited every time a new sound came out.

On Tuesday we traced our hands and wrote on them why we love each other. Then I had to write down 5 things I love about being a mom and then 5 things I wish I could better. On my favorites list was laughing (like the really good belly kind) and reading books. So those things made it on my "do better" list...I am going to read more books and be silly with my kids more.

On Wednesday the goal was to really "drink" in the moments of the day. Be present and chronicle it. It was a really HARD day around here yesterday so this exercise was perfectly timed. Tripp has had a hard week with ezcema, allergies, asthma mess. By yesterday we were both fed up! Because the goal of the day was to enjoy the little moments all day, I got so many happy little moments instead of focusing on the tough ones. Mia and I made snakes out of playdough and I got to teach her the finer points of making the perfect snake. (I wish I had a real picture of it, but it will stay in my memory.)We went for a walk and then all three played on the teeter totter together. (Again, mental snap shot to file away.) Then we pretended that Tripp was a baby dragon coming for the princesses in the tower and we had to escape down the slide. Cue that laughter I mentioned earlier. Mia found a beautiful duck that she just watched for a long time and Tripp was really relaxed and happy. I am sure everyday has those moments if I will slow down and recognize them!

Today is about listening. Having a great conversation with your kids and really listening to what they have to say. I am thinking it will be a great dinner time exercise!

So, will you join me on this 10 day challenge? Start with day one, you and your family will be blessed by it!

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  1. I love this post! What a cute idea! Being a mom is hard work and sometimes it the little things we forget about.


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