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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We are in full party around here! I love this time of year...I get to plan Richard's birthday, Mia's birthday, our neighborhood Memorial Day picnic, and then Tripp's birthday. My creative side is in heaven!!!

Richard's birthday is this weekend. We are planning a little mini vacation while grandparents watch the kids. It will be our first night away from Tripp, but I am SO excited. Richard doesn't really like cake or any traditional birthday sweets (weird, I know!). He has asked for top shelf root beer floats. Any ideas? I need amazing ice cream and the best root beer money can buy ;)! I am thinking frosted mugs too...

Up next is Mia's party and we are going all out for Dora this year. Mia's has loved Dora since their first meeting 2 years ago. And it is hard to admit, but she has learned a lot from the show. Spanish, problem solving, and safety. Her party will be explorer themed starting with everyone getting a backpack and a map, then heading out on an adventure!

I have spending evenings making felt faces for pack pack, hot gluing tissue paper, designing Map and loving every minute of it! The craft room is already working overtime. Here is my inspiration that I am working from...I will show party pictures after the event.


  1. Trent has said to me several times (not being prompted either) that he is having a garbage truck cake for his birthday. Since I make all his cakes...I'm a little concerned about this challenge! But he will for sure get a garbage truck cake and party. :)

  2. Ooh! I have seen some cute parties with that theme. "dump everything" and come party with us. Have u seen that saying on invites? Would love to see pics!

  3. Hi Jennifer! I am a long time reader of your blog, but first time to comment. You don't know me, but I am friends with Jennifer Martin and that is how I got connected to your blog a couple of years ago. Anyway, now I am a true fan of your home designs, DIY projects, parties, and your sweet family. I had to comment because today while I was browsing Pinterest I saw the cutest pinata cookies. Have you seen them? They are super cute, and I thought about your Dora party. I am sure they are more trouble than they are worth, but you might want to check them out. Can't wait to see how the party turns out.

    1. Okay, those cookies are SO cute! Now is just need Little Debbie to copy them and put them in pretty package, because that is way beyond my culinary skills! Thanks for your comment, it is nice to "meet" you!


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