Mr. T is 9 months old!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our adorable little man turned 9 months old last week. He is clearly feeling much better! Here is a review of Tripp at 9 months:
New Skills: says yaya, and "all done" consistently. He is trying to say a lot more too. He is getting more agile with his floor skills. Hopefully he will crawl soon. He is waving bye-bye. He does it backwards which is just adorable! He is great at manipulating toys and trying to figure them out. I think this is a boy skill, because Mia took the toys for more face value than he does. He gives great kisses! He will take your cheeks in both hands and lay one on ya. Sorry ladies, those are all mine! He has four teeth and hopefully will get some reprieve from new ones for a few months.

Food update: Tripp continues to have some struggles with new foods. We are now seeing an allergist at Children's Hospital so we can get to the bottom of it. He now eats yogurt and squash so his list is slowly growing. The doctors think his eczema is linked to food allergies, so once we figure it all out, it might fix everything. He is also suspected to have asthma, although they don't call it that this young. Hopefully that is also related to the allergies and we can remedy it!

Tripp is so loving and so social. So much that he would much rather be with people than sleep! We are working on solutions, but he leaves us butting  scratching our heads a lot. I also think it could be tied to discomfort from the above laundry list of issues. In-spite of all of it, he still is so happy!

Baby boy, we love you so much. You bring adventure and excitement to our lives like I always knew a little boy would! Thank you for your infections smile and laughter. You bring such joy into our home. Bare with us as we work through some sleep and eating solutions, we only have your best interest in mind. We know God is going to do amazing things for His glory with your sweet disposition, can't wait to see what it is!

Happy 9 months!
Love, Mama and Dada



  1. Adorable! I hope that you guys get some answers and to the bottom of the food allergy issues. Like you said hopefully it will clear up and help everything else going on. Poor little guy!

  2. So cute and makes me giggle. He's growing up so fast. What a joy in your lives. You are truly blessed. Love to you all.

  3. Seriously adorable! And you are so right at what boys see in toys than girls. I have one each too, and the girl first. We have no clue where our son (now 3) learned to make car noises, but he did, and early ... it's just something about boys - and tooting, oh so funny to him.
    Good luck with allergies, so un fun! Just be patient, it won't mean he can't eat all of those foods as he grows up, just sometimes they can't so young.

  4. i CAN NOT believe how big this little guy is already!!! he is just boys can be gorgeous:)


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