What do you do when your Kid asks for a themed bedroom!?!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every parent probably gets asked this question at some point. "Mommy, I want spiderman sheets, Lightning McQueen Bed, Cinderella's castle on my wall..." The list is endless. I really don't have a problem with putting a few themed touches in a child's room. It makes them SO excited. My problem comes in with the attention span. Dora today, Tinkerbelle tomorrow. If your kids are like mine, there "favorite" thing is a moving target.

So, what is the solution? Simple removable touches. Don't buy the themed bed or bedding. Choose something that can grow with the child and be accented with the theme of the week.

My latest E-design tells this story perfectly. Her daughter wanted "Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel all in her room." Her mom did not want to have to redecorate everything when the princesses had lost their luster. Here is what we came up with:

The room is regal and feminine. The princesses made their way in on a large scale mural that will take up one entire wall. I suggested painting the whole room light purple before applying the vinyl mural so that the room does not have to be repainted if the mural comes down. There is no mistaking that this room is disney princess, but take away the mural, and you just have a feminine little girls room. I am in love with the modern Rapunzel pillow.

This Mom is crafty, so the room has a few DIY projects. The chandelier and lamp will get painted into a glossy pink and the reading wall will be created with floating bookshelves. I love the taffeta drapes and the elegant touch they add to the room. They needed to look expensive and custom, so that they room did not feel like a "Disney room in a bag." Not that there is anything wrong with that :).

Here is the layout:

So, what do you think? Would you let your child pick the theme for their room? I say go for it, but email me, so we can pull it off with style!


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