Monday, May 6, 2013

We had an awesome weekend camping with a great group of families! I was saved from sleeping in a tent thanks to our unseasonable cold front. YAY! We put 5 families in a three bedroom cabin instead. That is roughing it enough for me!

The kids had an absolute blast with some of their best friends and we got to have great conversation over coffee and wine. There was great family time too! Altogether a really special weekend!

Loaded up and headed out! They were so excited! The caption on Instagram: "Here's to poor sleep and great memories!" So true!

The hammock! It provided hours of entertainment!

Playing around the campfire

Roasting Marshmallows. The weather was really cool so we lived around this warm fire.

Amanda going for it! We had jumbo marshmallows...why not???

The white streak in Mia's hair would be marshmallow.  She thought it was totally worth it.

Mia and her girls! These three got along so well! They are precious little girls with amazing hearts!

Jeepin'! We took the jeep up there and found some trails to test out. Richard was pretty excited!

This is 5 minutes after pulling out to head home. I think she had a good time, don't you?

Little man was spent too!

All the kids did so good considering the sleeping conditions.  I loved that they were able to enjoy the weekend even though they were tired. One benefit of being past the baby stage!

Thanks to all of the amazing families we traveled with. I loved doing life  together and sharing some sweet moments! When are we going again!?!?


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  1. great memories. that's what life is about. I've been married for 16.5 years and we've never been camping ... but I would love to though. I know it'll be so much fun. Now that we live in WA it would be awesome to go camping at the beach.


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