The Princess Tea Party!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The tea party was a success! We had so much fun celebrating princess Mia and all of her dear friends! Here is party recap!

The outside:

Princess archway rented from Simply Pretend and princess castle tent.

"4" wreath made from foam we cut out and tissue paper squares hot glued on.

The Tea Party Room!

Chair covers purchased the Christmas Tree Shops. Table and chairs rented from Simply Pretend

Tea cups! Everyone got to take their's home.

Princess coffee mugs made for the perfect centerpiece vase.

Tea Station. We had Hot English Tea and punch from the Perfect Punch Company. Delish!

Food Table!

The cake! Vanilla bean with buttercream icing. Ordered from Lisa, a lady I use for all parties. Let me know if you want her number. The cupcake crowns in the back are made from gum! 

Chocolate whoopie pies!
 We also had tea sandwiches, fruit salad

 The dress up Room!

The entrance was framed by pom-pom garland and pink curtains.

The ceiling was decorated with paper lanterns.

Hair and makeup station. The girls got to use blush and tinted chapstick. The pearls and hair bands were from simply pretend.

The dresses! All so lovely! Some were from Mia's collection, but most were from simply pretend.

Castle Decal!

 The party!

Me and my princess!

Shopping for just the right dress


The lovely Chloe!

Mia and Ellie

Mia and Baby Ava!

Twirling during the fashion show!

ZaZa's dress! Thanks Aunt Heather!

Princess Piper!

We read Gigi's Princess Tea Party. I cried like a baby at the end. These lovely girls are all God's princesses and it is such a blessing to me to watch them grow into that big title!

The knight going after the princess! Of course Tripp had sword!

Happy Birthday time!

Silly Princesses!

Piper and Mia
Thank you to everyone who came to make Mia's party so special! She loves all of her friends so much. She does keep telling me that her next party all of the "babies" and boys will be welcome. Such an inclusive hostess!

Love you Mia girl...excited to celebrate you all week long!


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  1. You always do an amazing job on your kiddos parties! I can't get Trent to commit to a theme (it's actually what I blogged about today on AMB), so I'm starting to stress. I don't really do too much for the party, but I always make the cake which takes HOURS, so I want to make sure I have plenty of time to create my plan. :)


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