Are Princesses Bad?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I feel like this discussion has come up around us several times over the last few months. Are princesses bad? Is it wrong to expose your daughter to "happily ever after" or "fairy tales."

Here is where we stand on this issue for OUR daughter ( keep in mind that every child will be different). Mia is all GIRL! She loves anything pink, rainbows, butterflies, and yes....Princess! We didn't teach her these things, they are innate with in her. But we have also not overly protected her exposure. 

The loves to put on a ball gown and dance around the room, prince or no prince. She loves things that sparkle and twirl. She learned that on her own too.

So the question is...should we limit or remove the exposure? Should princesses be banned to protect her? 

We really don't think so! What we have chosen to do is channel the love that she has for princesses in a positive way. We talk about princesses in the bible and that Jesus is our perfect prince. Happily Ever After is true with Jesus...not by the world's definition!

I have mainly found that it is men that are the most uncomfortable with letting their daughters identify themselves as a princess. Maybe it is the perception of beauty at all cost or lack of humility that comes with the title? I struggle to see any difference in letting little boys watch sports and idolize an athlete. Those men are not perfect, yet sons are not often limited in exposure to athletes because of their worldly imperfections.

I recommend two resources that have helped us channel Mia's love of princess in a positive way. The first is Lady in Waiting for Little Girls (given to me by a sweet friend and amazing mother) and the other is God's Little Princess Devotional.

These books have amazing lessons that really grab Mia's attention and give us talking points throughout the day. We have discussed "princess lips" and what comes out of them. Why God chose Mary. And most importantly...that her king and heavenly father is Christ Jesus!

Our sweet girl is the Daughter of King! That makes her a princess by any definition. It is not title just be worn proudly though. It has responsibility and a high expectation to show the world her loving King!

So that is where we stand on the princess issue. She knows and loves all of Disney princesses, and we are okay with that. I am more concerned with her heart for her King! I think those two worlds can exist together.

Where do you stand on this?


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