Stair Project Progress!

Friday, March 15, 2013

We are getting there slowly but surely. All of the carpentry work is done. We are about 75% done on the painting. 0% on the wallpaper (which I play to DIY this weekend...eeek!) All of the pretty stuff is here, so once the big projects are done, the other things should come together quickly.
I am hoping by Sunday is perfectly back together, but I know that is a crazy goal at this point! It has been a long road though with both kids sleeping in our room since we can't access the stairs. Kids and renos are rough!!! 

Here is  the vision if you remember:

Here is the progress:

The pretty stuff patiently waiting to be loaded into the new space!

I need your vote on something too. I am doing a new gallery wall up the stairs. I can't decide whether to matte them in all white or use the wallpaper from the entry to back the frames. What do you think?

Gallery frame with wallpaper backing
Gallery frame with plain white backing



  1. White

    I also have a lofty goal of getting my dining room put back together this weekend. I suppose it all depends on getting out of work this afternoon and getting started on the wall painting.

  2. I like the plain, simple, clean white. It puts more focus on the pictures and less on the design behind them.! Either way they'll look awesome!

  3. Love the idea of the mat matching the entry paper. I think if you are focusing on design, it'll look amazing, but I do think it distracts from the focus on the peeps. So I would lean toward the white.

  4. love it! it will be gorgeous! i vote all white:)

  5. I think white because you want them to pop! looks super cute thus far

  6. Thanks for the votes everyone! I think white wins...


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