Monday, March 18, 2013

My sweet little man has his first (and hopefully last) broken bone! He has what is called a buckle fracture in his left arm.
Here is the worst was broken for days before I finally starting putting all of the pieces together! He is in that phase where he easily trips and falls and then gets up and keeps going. Last week, when he would fall on his arm at all, he would cry for awhile and want me to kiss it. He would also pull his arm away from me if I tried to pull him along and put him in his car seat.
I had some suspicions, but he was playing fine with toys, able to bend his wrist, and wiggle fingers. I kept talking myself out of taking him the doctor. By Thursday night, we were all convinced there was something not right so Richard called the pedi. He said it was broken and to bring him in. :(!
Being silly waiting for the doctor. His arm looks like nothing is wrong, huh?
So Friday was a day of doctor appointments. We started at the pedi office, then radiology, then orthopedist. By the time we were ready to splint it, Tripp was DONE! He screamed the whole time they were wrapping it. In two weeks we have to go back to get the cast and I am praying that he will be calmer next time.
Entertaining ourselves at the doctor's office. We have learned how to make our own fun!
He is doing pretty good considering all of that. He sleeps decent and plays ok too. He is a little more cautious, but I kinda like that! He is not liking his sponge baths and shows a lot of pain when we change his clothes, so I am sure that he is pretty uncomfortable.
The x-ray. It is hard to see, but if you look at the larger bone, about an inch down from the wrist there is a line and a ridge. This broke my heart to see!!!
We are all going to get through this, just like we have everything else. This little boy keeps us on his toes and he has since his first 5 minutes of life! Sigh. I am pretty sure God gave us Tripp to constantly remind us that he is in control and not us. A lesson we continually struggle to remember.

A smoothie treat to make the day better! We had to go shopping for shirts that will fit over  his arm. Can't have the ladies checking out his muscles!
I am so sorry you are hurting little man. I love you so much and will offer you lots of grace, love, kisses, and snuggles until this is all behind us! Praying for quick healing!

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  1. Poor little Tripp. I did the same thing with one of mine when he was younger...yep, his was broken too! Mom of the year??? Not! What a cutie he is!


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