Bohemian Collected Living Room Design

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My latest design project was for a friend and her husband in their newly renovated home. They wanted to cozy up a large open floor plan and add pops of color. They both love to travel and collect, so the style of the living room is a little Bohemian with a few touches of elegance too. 

She shares my love for red, so I had a good time with this one! 

Here is the layout plan.
 The living room design. Trellis curtains in neutral prints with dress up a wall of windows without blocking the light. The rug was something they already owned and served as the jumping off point for the design.

Because the living room and kitchen are so open to each other, I included a list of kitchen accessories  that would tie the two rooms together.

This client also has a large bookcase flanking her fireplace. I put together some tips for her to get it staged well and I thought you guys might like them as well. 

Here is my bookcase 101 list:

1. Each shelf should have varied height and color.
2. Books should be bright, stacked in size order with largest on bottom, sleeves removed
3. Not more than 2-3 picture frames, white mattes, leaned at the back of the bookcase
4. Add pops of color and pattern in vases, art, or plates
5. Layer in sculptural items like coral and candlesticks or artifacts.
6. Stacked items on books like seashells or magnifying glass.


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