Pretty in Purple (and Blue)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am working on the bedroom of two precious little girls! The room are very large and already have the major pieces in them. I was just asked to bring in the fun favorite part!

Here is the plan for the younger girl's room. She loves purple and blue and they already had the bedding. I added in light blue walls with purple chevron accent wallpaper. The paper will go into an alcove to create a reading nook and also in framed panel around the room. Since the room is so large, it needs large scale art to cozy it up. I included a kid sized sofa and canopy above her bed to make it feel really special for this little princess.

Next up is big sister's room...I am excited to take basically the same room and make into something totally different. What do you think about this space? Is it one your little girl would love?


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