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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

I have some more good parenting nuggets to share! Two weeks ago, I talked about our Family Values. I love what they say, but sometimes I struggle with how to teach them to our kids. They have childlike vocabulary and childlike attention spans. So how am I supposed to teach them major life lessons over the sounds of choo choo trains and Dora guitars!
I love this verse: 'Impress [these commands] on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.' Deuteronomy 6:7

But what does that really look like? Sometimes I just have to do the laundry, or make supper, or rest...whatever, you can fill in the blank with any maternal duty. There are PLENTY of them! We received a great handout last week on exactly how to make this work and it helped me so much! Here it is:

"Orange Slices"
Family Times (Think Orange p. 72). ", we believe these are the four key times all families can leverage to build the faith of their children.
  1. MEAL TIME When You Sit at Home: Focused discussion as a teacher to establish core values.
  2. DRIVE TIME When You Walk along the Road: Informal dialogue as a friend to help your child interpret life.
  3. BED TIME When You Lie Down: Intimate conversation as a counselor to listen to the heart of your child.
  4. MORNING TIME When You Get Up: Encouraging words as a coach who gives a sense of value and instills purpose."
Armed with this simple step by step, we have now incorporated faith building activities in our day. Here are some of my methods:

  •  Pandora has a Praise Baby Station. Good praise music and not too juvenile. I can tolerate it and the  kids love it. Definitely sets a great tone in our house!
  •  I try to play kids worship songs in the car on at least one leg of our trips each day. You know, the really silly kind with motions. The kids giggle and sing along. It really invites some good talks in too. Just yesterday, after singing: "This little light of Mine", I asked Mia who the "light" was, and she yelled Jesus. YAY!
  •  Scripture Memory- We are always working on a new scripture to memorize. It goes on the large chalk board by our kitchen table. It is a great reminder to discuss with the kids during meal time. This month is all about Love through 1 Cor 13.
"Love is Kind" Making cards for her teachers.
  •  Prayer Family - Based on our Christmas card collection, we draw a family to pray for each week. Mia really likes knowing who to pray for at bedtime and we love teaching them about praying for others.
  •  Bible Reading - Richard regularly reads stories from their kids bibles at bedtime.
  •  Lady in Waiting for Little Girls - This is a book that Mia and I are working through together (Thanks Jamie!) She loves the quiet alone time that we get and I love that the book sets up great dialogue and really speaks to Mia's desire to be a Princess (God's princess that is).
I know this list only scratches the surface of all that we need to do to equip our kids, but I love that they are simply incorporated into our day. The kids don't feel preached at, it is just part of a normal day at the Thomas house.


  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing! Living intentionally, and especially being purposeful in those teachable moments is something I feel SO strongly about! It is definitely challenging to fit it in some days, but it is so very important. I LOVE the "Orange Slices" idea!

    1. Thanks Kelli! Isn't this just the greatest and most difficult job all at the same time?!?!


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