Old Mirror into Bulletin Board

Monday, February 25, 2013

You know when you see the beautiful mirror leaning in the back corner of the store because it is cracked or scratched? I always see them and think, "what a shame" because there is nothing you can do to repair the mirror.

But I recently did a client design that included a large bulletin board. I wanted a decorative frame for it, so a mirror frame was the perfect solution. I scoured the local antique and consignment stores for a mirror that was in rough shape, but had a great frame. There were several options all around $100. I decided on an antique beauty with a scratched mirror. It was PERFECT! Solid wood, heavy, and very large. It used to sit on top of a dresser which is just the shape I wanted!

Here is how it turned out!

Antique Mirror turned into a bulletin board.
Remember the design plan? Here is what I was originally thinking and I am so pleased how close I was able to come to the picture in my head!
Office guest room design
Here are the steps:

1. Find an antique or used mirror that is damaged. Haggle like crazy!

2. Pop out the mirror. Be super careful if the glass is broken. Save the wood backing.

 3. Paint the mirror. I used spray paint and primer in one. High gloss to give a more modern look. It took me three coats and two cans of spray paint.

4. The bulletin board. 1/2" Foam insulation cut to the size of the mirror, Cork roll available at Joann's, and the Fabric. It took two yards for this project because the frame opening was 36x36. I selected an outdoor fabric that would old up to repeated pin sticks and grab the pin better. 

Layer the cork over the foam and secure with adhesive. Hot glue worked for me. Then lay the fabric over the cork. Secure it on the back of the foam with hot glue. The most important thing is to get the fabric tight and straight. Corners are forgiving because that won't show.

5. Insert bulletin board into frame. It should fit perfect if you use the mirror as your size guide!

6. Reattach the backing with small nails to hold in the bulletin board. I left the original wire in place too so that it would be easy to hang.

So, for minimal investment of time and money (~$200). You have a beautiful custom piece to add to your home office or craft room. 

So next time you see the sad forgotten broken mirror in the back corner, grab it and give it a new life! This project is hard more to let go of, I would love it for my house. It will look great in their home though!
So, what do you think? Any other ideas for old damaged mirrors?
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  1. a wonderful re-do, up-cycle, re-make. beautiful! I'll be watching for old scratched mirrors now.

  2. Love what you did with this frame.The fabric totally complements the shape of it. Well done!

  3. Love how the fabric compliments the frame. Great choice. You gave the frame a second lease on life!

  4. Love your use of fabric! It totally compliments the shape of the frame. Job well done! :o)

  5. Love the white daybed. Where did you find that? It is exactly what we're looking for to put in our little girl's room!!!

    1. I am sorry I missed your comment somewhere. Better late than never! Here is the link to purchase the daybed.


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