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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am working with an old sorority sister on this next project. I love that social media can reconnect people!

They live in an adorable house with a lot of charm. They prefer pretty neutral design and have mix of modern dark woods and country accents in their home. In trying to come up with a concept for their living room, I settled on Modern Cottage. I consider that a mix of old and new, modern and traditional, and rustic and sparkle all in the same space. 

Here is the design:
Modern Cottage Living Room Design
I love mixing accent tables to create a collected look. I think the modern chairs tucked in the traditional bay window will look good too. Linen drapes with color blocking detail mixed with a modern wallpaper will create a warm updated fill.

I did not change the layout much, but I did pull the couches away from the wall. When space allows, couches should never be agains the wall. (Write that tip down!). Just coming out 1 foot will make the space feel so much cozier and purposeful.

 Here is a picture of the space now, just a few touches will really bring it to life! I will keep you updated on the progress...

So, how do you feel about modern cottage design?


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